Sentience, Do Animals Posses It?

Jane Goodall once said “That the burden of truth should not be on those trying to prove the sentience of animals, but rather on those seeking to disprove it”.Sentience in the most simple terms, means the ability to feel or perceive. A sentient animal is an animal that is aware of their surroundings, capable of feeling pain and knows what happens to them.Surprisingly, there exists an ongoing debate as to whether animals do meet the definition criteria above. The current consensus appears to be at the very least that vertebrates are capable of feeling pain, but what about the millions of the other earth’s creatures that do not hold this vertebrate status?Like with most controversially debated issues, there are always countries that are more advanced in their thinking than others. In terms of the ethical treatment of animals, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Portugal seem to be the forerunners and have instituted governing legislation which actually recognizes animal as “sentient” within their clauses (Treaty of Lisbon and Amsterdam). These countries have also outlawed the use of battery cages and have strict governance when it comes to transporting animals. In these countries, animal activists and enforcement officers work hand in hand, when it comes to inspecting transports containing animals. Many farms in these countries, also place toys in the animals pens, recognizing that play will make the animal feel less stressed in captivity and therefore produce a better product for consumption.I am a proud Canadian, but have to say that our treatment of animals (particularly farm animals) is despicable. It seems strange to me that Canadians have the reputation worldwide as being a kind and hospitable nation, yet we seem to turn a blind eye to our voiceless friends, the animals who coexist with us.In Canada, we have countless underground puppy mill operations, primarily concentrated in the province of Quebec where no laws are in place to charge the perpetrators. Battery cages are also commonplace where chickens are overcrowded, peck each other until they bleed or die and overall lead very stressful lives. Pigs are placed in pens so narrow that they can not turn around or barely move. Cows face slaughter is sometimes very inhumane ways and animals are transported long distances for several days without rest, food or water. Pigs have been reported to freeze to the sides of the trucks before they reach their destination, because there is no heating for these animals. The lucky ones are those who boarded in the middle as they will receive heat from neighboring pigs. This reality is so sad to me as pigs are known to be even smarter than dogs, and can learn tricks quicker. So how is it that they are not aware? They are aware enough to learn tricks aren’t they?In a recently aired documentary, called, “Canada, No Country for Animals’, which investigated the many atrocities listed above, and I think would make most Canadians feel ashamed of the way animals are currently being treated in our country. In one segment of the movie, hidden cameras, showed chicken farmers throwing live chickens into their truck by their wings as if they were nothing more than inanimate objects. In another segment it showed puppies dead in horrid conditions within puppy mills and pigs being prodded with long sticks while captive in their pens. How is it, that people feel that these animals can not feel this pain? Would you feel it?The fact is, it has often been told that dogs smile, chimpanzees cry and elephants mourn. There has been several heroic attempts on the part of animals to save humans lives (i.e.dogs, dolphins).All creatures big or small deserve respect as each plays a valuable role in the “web of life”. Keep in mind, that some of the “keystone species” within the web are in fact, small ones.I welcome the day that Canada will become known as the country for animals and no longer “No Country for Animals”.

3D Animation Is Everywhere

The talent required to create animation is a fantastic gift. Actually, the creators of animation enjoy it, just as much as the audience. Previously, the most creative ones, were created through 2D animation, but currently because of the development of 3D technology it made possible a much better quality and it is also easier to produce. 3D technology gives the realism of real live, as a contrast to the advanced technological implementation of computing technology, making it fabulous for the audience.Similarly to a constructor who lays foundations for a house, animations begin with a base or foundation, enabling animators to create and build on concepts or ideas they previously have produced. As soon as they are pleased with the developed ideas, they can focus their efforts on using 3D rendering processes to ‘give life’ to their animations. The 3D rendering processes used by animators is what in fact makes a big difference. They are responsible for turning something good into something marvelous.Online 3D illustrations and 3D Flash suffered great modifications over the last five, six years or so. Previously, although the software resources were available, they had a great cost. Consequently, for the animators to create a piece would have to make a major investment for the software to be up and running. Currently, software is more affordable and more capable, offering many opportunities for both new and experienced animators.A general false impression is that animation is only used in kids programs or in cartoons. It is in fact a huge mistake, as virtually anything that is manipulated using computer technology is considered animation. This includes creating plans made into 3D or creating a virtual car design. Animators don’t work just in cartoons, but also in numerous industries.3D animations really took of in cartoons, where is a new use for it. Various businesses across the world are presenting their expertise and supremacy in their area by making different ‘flash’ services or products making them distinctive using 3D animation. One concluding example from this point of view would be the various marketing companies that use a lot of external help for their company, services or products to look a bit superior. Naturally, 3D animation and rendering processes are precisely what they should apply if this is what they want to obtain. When you next look at a marketing company, or to any other company that sells products, observe if their brochure or website is eye-catching, and if so, is it because of the use of 3D animation? The implementation of animation rendering techniques will allow them to offer a new and improved look of their company and to differentiate them from the others.Where else can we found such 3D animation rendering techniques?Are you a teacher or have you been a student? Well, we all know that there are numerous ways an individual can learn new information. Typically, most students (regardless of the topic) have a very good response to such visual resources as pictures, books or other visual resources based on computer. In fact, due to the current popularity of computers and internet, there is really no need for a teacher. As an alternative, attractive and educative courses can be created to be used through a computer and then turn into something more pleasant to the eye applying 3D animation rendering techniques.Where is 3D animation heading to? 3D animation, just as virtually any other industry is evolving very fast. Thus, a rendering techniques prefect today could be easily useless the next day. Software is the main factor in making excellent 3D animation. Any person wanting to join the industry or are involved already, need to recognize what is hot and what not, or they will be left behind. Keep in mind that software is not doing the work for you and the final product is going to be only as good as the one at the computer using rendering techniques.Initially, 3D animation was in fact an operating software, but currently due to the advanced technological features and techniques that can be applied, it has become much more than that. As the software operator is more artistic and creative, the chances are higher for the final product to be a stunning success. Extremely powerful animations can be created with remarkable creativity, relevant experience in the arts industry as well as the expertise to operate great 3D animation software, implementing the right rendering techniques.

What Is A Home Based Travel Agent?

Many people are unclear about the travel industry. Travel agents are often thought to be the same as real estate agents. Becoming a travel agent or more specifically a home based travel agent is an exciting career change or retirement option. Some people do it full time while many do it as a part time business.A travel agent books travel for customers and is paid by suppliers a commission on the booking. For bookings that suppliers do not pay a commission on, a travel agent also can charge the client a service fee for his/her time. An example is if you were to book a hotel for a client, the hotel would then send a check to the agency after the client checked out. Most hotels pay 10% of the price of the hotel before taxes and fees. A $100 per night hotel reservation would mean $10 a night for the travel agent who made the booking. This hotel would cost the same whether the customer uses a travel agent or books through the hotel directly. In many cases the travel agent can get a better price. It costs the customer nothing to use the travel agent unless the travel agent charges service fees.Can anyone do this? In order to work with suppliers, you must have an account set up with the supplier. Most require an agency to hold an IATAN, CLIA or ARC number. IATAN stands for International Airlines Travel Agent Network. CLIA stands for Cruise Lines International Association. ARC stands for Airline Reporting Corporation. Each of these memberships requires different things including sales, money in the bank, experience or training in the industry, and membership fees. Many will require Errors and Omissions insurance of $1,000,000 or more.For the average travel agent, membership is not a possibility with some organizations so the agent will team up with an agency and work as an independent agent or outside agent. There are also advantages of working with an agency because most travel agents cannot make enough in sales with a particular supplier to obtain higher commission levels and bonuses. Working with an agency with many agents can increase the commission percentages the agent gets because of the joint sales of all the agents at the agency. Support is also a very important aspect of being a successful agent. Agents who do not work with others tend to feel more isolated and have to learn to do it all solo. Since no agent can have the experience of being everywhere in the world or staying at every hotel or resort, having others that you can get advice from is really helpful.The future of travel agencies is always questioned. The truth is the industry has changed in many ways. Some changes were for the better, some for the worse. Many airlines have cut commissions for travel agents. However, there are many other suppliers who are paying travel agents more than they were ten years ago. Cruises used to be booked by only the rich and now people in every income book cruises. Each year more and more people go on cruises. Most people say they want to go on a cruise at least once and many who go on their first come home to want to book another.You can earn commission on many travel reservations.

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People all need travel arrangements at some point in time. Those who take road trips need hotel reservations. Those who need to travel for business need airline tickets, rental cars, and hotel reservations. Families want to experience vacations with their loved ones. People visit family and relatives. Most people who win money say they are going to spend it to take a nice vacation. Newly married couples go on honeymoons. You are not selling something that is hard to sell. People contact you for help, you are not calling them or approaching them trying to sell them something they don’t want.Educating the public is the main thing any travel agent must do. Most people put travel agents into the same category as real estate agents. They believe it costs additional to use a travel agent. This is untrue. In many cases a travel agent can get a better price than the general public through the suppliers who work only with travel agents. Many people do not know all the options for booking a vacation. A good travel agent does. Once people are educated on how a travel agent gets paid, they are more willing to work with travel agents. If a person knows that if he or she let you book a hotel and it will cost the same price regardless, she or he will work with you. It is important to let people know how you can help them save time and money on their travel arrangements.So how do you get into the industry? Many people think they must go to school or become certified. This is not true. You can get into the industry and begin training. I don’t recommend anyone spend thousands on a travel school until he or she knows this is a career that he or she will really want to pursue. The truth is you do not have to spend thousands to get trained. There are many courses free to travel agents from suppliers. There are also organizations such as ICTA (Institute of Certified Travel Agents) who offer courses as you get more years experience in the industry. CLIA also offers courses. There are some agencies that will offer training. Even if you decide this is a career you would like to pursue, you do not need to spend thousands to become an educated and competent travel agent. There are many courses you can take with suppliers and organizations to get a better education in travel. I truly believe a hands’ on approach is the best way to become a better travel agent. Learning to work with suppliers and how to find the information your clients need is an important part of becoming a good travel agent.How can you find an agency to work with? There are a few organizations dedicated to independent travel agents. NACTA and OSSN are the top organizations. NACTA stands for National Association of Commissioned Travel Agents. OSSN stands for Outside Sales Support Network. You can also search online for home-based travel agent programs. I would never recommend anyone spending a lot of money to start this business. It is key to first try and see if it is something you would really want to do and get training before you invest too much money into it. Get involved in the industry first and see if it is really a career that is best for you.Jennifer Dugan CTAOwner of Dugan’s TravelsTravel agent since 1993[]Copyright 2004 Jennifer Dugan

Start Your Own Travel Club Business

Are you looking for a business opportunity to earn some extra cash each month? Do you love to travel? Maybe you should start a travel club business. These are opportunities for ordinary people to join a travel membership centered around discounted travel. They can offer deep discounts on airfare, car rentals, accommodations, and more. You can earn commissions on sales of travel products and memberships. You will help people save money on all kinds of vacation travel. In addition, you have access to travel discounts for your own family.The first step is to decide if you want to start a new travel membership or if you want to join into business with an already existing company. The benefit to starting your own club is that you reap all the profits, but it can involve an investment of time and money. The start-up time before earning any profit could be lengthy. Though you surrender some profits to the company that you join, becoming a part of an already existing travel club business offers perks like established websites, marketing methods, reputation, and established relationships with travel providers.Travel clubs work on two basic principles: the travel providers offer travel discounts because the club saves them in advertising money and the buying power of a group of people can purchase vacation experiences in bulk to offer deep discounts to the member base. If you are starting on your own, you will need to create a business name, gain permits, and recruit travel companies to offer discounts on air travel, car rentals, hotels, resorts, condos, and more. An established company can offer all of these things already set up. Some offer positions as sales associates while others are in a multi-level marketing formula of business. In this format, you can earn not only commissions for membership sales, but also bonuses for recruiting team members.No matter which route you choose for running your travel club business, you will want to advertise your travel club and recruit members. Growing your club is the number one way to make a profit. Some travel clubs have a wide focus and some are specific to a type of travel or a destination. Use your passion for travel to recruit others to the travel club. The benefits of vacations with loved ones are many, including building relationships, relaxing, rejuvenating, and creating lifelong memories. Making these experiences a reality for those with a limited income is a valuable goal.